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Compelling website copywriting that drives traffic, engages with customers and converts browsers into buyers.

I create compelling website content for all kinds of organisations. I’ve written landing pages for Aviva – to optimise conversion of visitors into sales. I’ve written website copy for professional services companies like Hamilton Blake – to build their brand and achieve stand-out in a highly competitive market. And I’ve written websites for web design companies like Bing Productions – whose online identity is absolutely critical to their success.

Intelligent SEO copywriting
Intelligent SEO copywriting can help put your website onto page one of Google, and that’s something I’ve achieved for many of my clients. But it’s people that buy stuff, not search engines, so I never forget who the real audience is. Fortunately, as Google gets better at scanning websites in the same way that people do, well-optimised content is increasingly “natural” content.

The “science” behind SEO copywriting
Latent Semantic Indexing (or LSI) is the science of language processing. It’s about analysing relationships between words and phrases. Why is it important? Because Google uses it to distinguish between naturally written copy and content that is artificially stuffed with keywords.

Google uses LSI-based algorithms to look not just for relevant keywords but also for related terms and phrases. So if you’re selling washing machines, Google won’t just recognise the words “washing machine”, it will also spot phrases like “cleaner laundry”, “fast spin cycles”, and “combo washer dryers”.

What does this mean for your website?
It means that “naturally written” content will produce a higher search engine ranking than content that is focussed on specific optimal keyword densities, and it will certainly produce a better response from your customers.

I write optimised website content that engages with people as well as search engines, helping my clients enhance their presence on the web and grow their businesses online.

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